Marin Todorov

Non-technical ways to becoming a better developer

We are all a little bit too much developers. My journey through 2015 took me to a whole new level of writing beautiful and effective code. I learned how to communicate better with others and how to see development and everything it embodies in perspective.

Believe it or not there are a plethora of ways to improve your code that I am willing to share with you - from making a quinoa salad to having a beer on the beach. Yup. If I got your attention - I'd love to tell you more :] 

by Marin Todorov at SwiftAveiro 2016

Rui Peres

World MVVM 2016

In this talk Rui will discuss the Why and the How in MVVM. Finally why things brake independently of the Architecture chosen and what we can do differently to improve our apps

by Rui Peres at SwiftAveiro 2016

Roy Marmelstein

I Swift Therefore I am - Swift and Philosophy

From generics to Aristotle's metaphysics, optionals to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Objective C compatibility to objectivism - the world of philosophy has much in common with some of the underlying concepts of Swift

In this talk, philosophical ideas will be illustrated and explained in Swift and thoughts on becoming a better developer / better human would be shared

by Roy Marmelstein at SwiftAveiro 2016

Junior Bontognali

Asynchronous Programming with RxSwift

Asynchronous programming might be challenging and difficult, as soon as the codebase start to increase and more and more people to work on it, strategies in how to handle this special part of programming have to discussed and designed.

With Rx things can be simplified and this abstraction might help in writing a better and scalable code.The power of reactive programming is the foundation that can be used for server and client side development, sharing the same abstraction simplifying the everyday work.

by Junior Bontognali at SwiftAveiro 2016

David Rönnqvist

The Old and the New

There is little questioning that Swift is where we’re headed, but for the time being it’s important to be pragmatic about interoperability with Cocoa and existing code is in order to remain productive.

This talk is about how our team uses Swift, how we approach new language features and functional patterns (the new), and how we deal with both Cocoa and other existing code (the old).

by David Rönnqvist at SwiftAveiro 2016

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