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SwiftAveiro 2018

June 21st - 22nd, 2018

We're back!

We're glad to announce that our 2018 edition will be held in Hotel Meliá Ria, on June 21st and 22nd.

Ten fantastic mentors will run two-hour long workshops that anyone can join. Attendees will be able to pick three workshops out of a daily total of five and a different set of workshops will be made available for each day.



Alexey Demedetskiy

Developing iOS application using Redux architecture in Swift

Mobile architecture consultant @ Kharkiv

Alexey Demedetskiy

Alexey Demedetskiy is an iOS engineer from Ukraine and spent more than 5 years mastering software development skills in the area of enterprise and B2B applications. He focuses on building simple and predictable architectures. Nowadays he speak about Swift, Unit Testing, and architecture. Also, he is the author of Parus for building auto layout constraints from code.

Anastasiia Voitova

Zero Knowledge architecture approach for mobile development

Security enthusiast & Product Engineer @ Cossacklabs, Kiev

Anastasiia Vixentael

Anastasiia is a software engineer with plenty of experience in building mobile apps. Many years ago she was interested in computer security, and now she is working as engineer in security company, maintaining open-source security tools, and helping developers to build more secure apps

André Montenegro

Detecting objects with Core ML and Vision

iOS Engineer @ Farfetch, Porto

André Montenegro

André is an iOS Engineer at Farfetch where he focuses on applying machine learning to the mobile experience. On this year’s event he will be showing us how to take advantage of Core ML capabilities 💪

Benedikt Terhechte

Better Developer Tooling by writing your own Mac Apps with Cocoa Bindings and Core Data

Senior iOS Developer @ XING, Hamburg

Benedikt Terhechte

Benedikt works as a Senior iOS Developer at the professional network XING. In previous jobs he developed solutions for customers such as Disney or Daimler-Chrysler. As an Indie Mac developer, he launched successful apps such as PhotoDesk and Hirundo. Benedikt started investigating Swift right after the 2014 release and writes about it on his popular blog. He also initiated the Core Value and SourceKittenDaemon open source projects

Ivan Guajana

Internet of Things

Co-founder and Technical Director @ Vilea, Zürich

Ivan Guajana

Ivan Guajana has been co-founder and Technical Director at Vilea for almost a decade. He loves all things technical, digging into the rabbit hole whenever there is the opportunity to learn something new. Full stack architect in both work and private life, father of three and sports addict. Craves for hard problems to solve and abundant meals.

John Sundell

API Design

Creator of Swift by Sundell

John Sundell

John builds apps, games & developer tools. He also makes Swift by Sundell - a weekly blog & podcast about Swift development. He has worked for companies like Volvo & Spotify, and is currently an iOS freelancer working with a Norwegian startup called Motimate. He’s the creator of several open source projects including Unbox, SwiftPlate, Marathon & Imagine Engine.

José Cunha Fonte

Swift Fun Algorithms

Software Engineer @ Robert Bosch GmbH, Aveiro

José Cunha Fonte

José Cunha Fonte is a trustworthy, zealous and very capable young Portuguese software engineer, working for Robert Bosch GmbH. He loves learning new and better ways to create continuous user experiences with clean, efficient, maintainable and scalable code.

Kateryna Gridina

ARKit in your app. Apply your knowledge in a meaningful way

Mobile feature lead at @Zalando, Berlin

Kateryna Gridina

Kateryna is a mobile feature lead in Zalando and will be showing us how we can use ARKit in our own apps.

Krzysztof Zabłocki


Lead iOS Developer @ NY Times, New York

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Krzysztof is the Lead iOS developer at The New York Times, known for creating Sourcery, Objective-C Playgrounds, and Apple’s Essential Apps like Foldify and 3D Game Engines. Passionate about writing quality code and helping other do the same. He blogs on http://merowing.info and open sources tools/libraries on Github

Marcus Eckert

Animating in iOS - Beyond the Basics

Motion Designer / iOS Developer @ Forge & Form, Berlin

Marcus Eckert

Marcus Eckert is a motion designer turned iOS developer and runs his own creative studio called Forge and Form. He specializes in animation and graphics programming and has worked for Dropbox, Reuters and Uber, among others. At the moment, he is busy helping out on HQ Trivia and creating tools for Adobe After Effects. Marcus lives in Berlin, Germany.

Mourad Sidky

Practical Evaluation of Unit, Integration, UI, Snapshot and System tests

iOS Tech Lead @ Groupon, Berlin

Mourad Sidky

Mourad Sidky works as an iOS Technical Lead at Groupon GmbH. He also used to work as an Academic Teacher in Computer Science colleges. Mourad has a Master of Science in Machine Learning (one of his interesting research areas), implemented more than 100 small-scale applications, participated in 4 large-scale applications on the iOS platform and taught more than 10 computer science subjects

Stephen Celis

Composing Applications with Functions

Software engineer / Co-host @ Point-Free, NY

Stephen Celis

Stephen taught himself to code when he realized his English degree didn’t pay the bills. He became a functional convert and believer after years of objects. He co-hosts Point-Free and enjoys talking about how functional programming concepts can be applied to our everyday code.


Cais da Fonte Nova, Lote 5, 3810-200 Aveiro, Portugal


We are entirely sold out!




First day

08:0009:00 Registration
09:0009:15 Welcome presentation
09:1510:15 Mentor pitches
10:1510:30 Coffee Break
10:3012:30 First round of workshops
14:0016:00 Second round of workshops
16:0016:15 Coffee Break
16:1518:15 Last round of workshops

Second day

09:0010:00 Mentor pitches
10:0010:15 Coffee Break
10:1512:15 First round of workshops
13:4515:45 Second round of workshops
15:4516:00 Coffee Break
16:0018:00 Last round of workshops


Code of Conduct

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